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The B-Sport Family

B-Sport is more than a fitness studio: Our partners help us make our dreams come to life!


It all started with a Post-It note on a bathroom mirror – today we’re selling high quality performance wear world-wide.

The year is 2007 and ICANIWILL’s founder, Gustaf Ollas decides to take on his University studies without student loans. Working extra on weekends and holidays became a necessary part of his student life to make ends meet. On top of his studies, Gustaf started to blog about his daily life, which quickly turned into a workout blog. Later, the blog would become one of Sweden’s biggest blogs for exercise and diet.

Orangefit is that friend who is always there for you

We take your health seriously and always go to the extremes to guarantee you the best quality and service. Our products are regularly tipped by dieticians, nutritionists and even doctors. With our brand, we want to show today's and future generations how to be at your best. And honestly, more plant-based means more happiness for the planet too.

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